A Stand Out Event in 2020!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my young writer and reader friends these days. I know things have been very different for you lately – especially when it comes to school – but I hope that you’re doing well!

As the summer approaches, I’ve been thinking back over the past school year. I haven’t done as many school visits as I have in the past. But one visit was an absolute ‘stand out’ – and that was my surprise visit to the very special Grade 4s of Ecole Margaret-Underhill this past January!

I’ve blogged about this AMAZING school before. It was the very first school – years ago – that I visited with my creative writing program. (In fact, if my calculations are correct, a lot of the students I met in 2012/2013 will be graduating from high school very soon!!) Since then, I’ve had several opportunities to return and have enjoyed the friendships I’ve made with teachers, staff and students.

So I was thrilled when I was contacted about a surprise visit to Room 202 for January! The class was reading No TV! No Fair. As a surprise, I was asked to come to the class to read the next chapter – and I’m not sure who was more excited, me or the students! We had a great time reading and laughing together. And then came the questions! Students had prepared questions that they were going to send to me as a letter – but their very clever teacher said: “Why don’t we just ask Mme. right now?” ;). I heard some very insightful comments, and had to scratch my head as I fell deep in thought to answer your awesome questions about Chloe, Mark and Mr. Z… We may have only spent half an hour or so together, but I won’t forget it!

After ‘secret visit #1’ I then headed off to two other grade four classes. I had a chance to read from Frostbite Hotel, and the teacher from Room 206 reminded me that years ago, I read a chapter from Frostbite to his classbefore it was published! So, it was pretty cool to be able to read the published version in the very same room. Lots of questions from this ‘crew’ about the life of an author…and I was excited to hear about all the creative and active things you’re into as well!

One last-but-not-least stop to another very special group of grade 4s, many of whom had read No TV? last year as Grade 3s…but wanted to hear it again anyway (thanks – that made me feel pretty great!). We read and laughed and talked over some very creative ideas and thoughts you have. I can tell that this is a group of energetic thinkers with lots of imagination!

Once again, thank you EMU for such a fun visit and for being a bright, standout event in my ‘author life’ in 2020. I hope that you all have a happy, healthy summer!

Till we meet again,
Karin 🙂