Thank You For the Gift!


Imagine my delight when I checked the mailbox at the beginning of summer holidays. Waiting for me was not one but two incredible collections of original stories by the writers of 4B from Ecole Bobby Bend. WOW! (Check out the cover designs, and artwork, too!)

I flipped through the books eagerly, and started reading… you all did such a great job!

Remember when your stories began with a web? In fact, here are the webs we brainsparked on our very first day together:

Well… you’ve sure come a long way and have turned those first sparks into finished stories. WAY TO GO! Thank you for sharing with me, and for the great honour of acknowledging me on the cover, too.  It’s very special to me!

I popped a thank you card in the mail addressed to your 4B teacher. However, knowing that you will all be starting new adventures in Grade 5 and won’t be in the same classroom, I  decided to share what I wrote in the card below, too:

Thank you for sharing your two marvelous story collections with me! I received them in the mail at the beginning of summer – what a wonderful gift! I’ve enjoyed all your stories. They had humour, mystery, suspense, and terrific characters. Each one started with a ‘hook’ that drew me right into the action. You all worked very hard and should be proud of every step. I’m proud of you, too!

Congratulations, thank you, and keep on reading and writing!

Karin Adams