Fun and Inspiration at St. Aidan’s Christian School

I visited a really great school last week in north Winnipeg (not far from where I grew up) called St. Aidan’s Christian School. It may be one of the smallest schools I’ve visited so far in terms of number of students, but this school proves that being small can be a BIG plus. First, I noticed right away that everyone seemed to know each other, even from grade to grade, kind of like a big family – how cool is that? And since the classes I visited weren’t too big, we all got to chat with each other and get to know each other a bit better, even in a pretty short time. I definitely enjoyed that! I was even invited to stay for lunch – again, something a family might ask a guest to do. This was the first school visit where I was invited to lunch, which was a totally delicious meal of tacos (mmmmm….mouth is watering thinking about tacos – yum!). There was also great conversation with students and teachers over our meal. Thank you so much, it was really fun!

All right – so I’ve mentioned the super friendly atmosphere at St. Aidan’s (and the tacos!). Now let me say something about the TALENT – wow! I visited two classes and in each one we did some reading and talking, as well as a writing workshop. Especially when we were into the workshop part and students started sharing ideas, it became very clear in both classes that I was among: natural storytellers (remember all those zoo stories?), budding novel writers (can’t wait to read your books!), history lovers, animal lovers, visual artists, outdoor adventurers (those Gem Lake stories proved that!), poets, readers, movie critics, one or two (or more!) very funny comedians…tons of creativity and thinking going on at this school. As a writer, there can be nothing more inspiring than being with others who love to share ideas, create things, and express themselves. I guess you can tell I had a great morning!

Thank you to the students and staff at St. Aidan’s for the chance to visit your unique and awesome school. I’m so glad we got the chance to meet and talk. Keep on working on your projects and dreams. Till we meet again!

Karin 🙂