Snow! Snow! Snow!

For those of you Manitobans checking this out, don’t worry – I’m not writing about an impending September snowstorm. (I’m not saying that it’s not possible.  But there’s no need to break out your shovels and ski pants. Yet.). I’m talking about snow for a whole other reason.

My readers often ask “what are you working on now”?. I love that question because it means you’re excited to read what I might write next – that’s a great feeling! Of course, I don’t want to say too much not only because I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but because as I’ve learned – a story can change quite a lot from the exciting stage where you’re just dreaming about it to the also wonderful moment  when you see your book in print.

So here’s my answer to the question “what are you working on now?”. The answer is: three middle grade books, each having something to do with “snow”. My first two books were set in the summer. We have gorgeous summers in Manitoba! But boy, do we have winter with a capital W, and snow, snow, snow! So I decided it was time to add a bit of blizzardy bluster to my books.

I’ll definitely post more about forthcoming books when I’m closer to completion, but for now what I can tell you is my next book will go great with a steaming mug of hot chocolate!

Take care, and stay warm! 😉

Karin 🙂