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Frostbite Hotel
– Available Now!

Read the hilarious snow-filled recess adventure by Karin Adams.

Karin Adams isn’t afraid to follow uncharted territory in Frostbite Hotel, a hilarious look at a budding entrepreneur who learns that success is about more than money.” – Charmagne Reimer de Veer, Prairie Books Now


What if we don’t build a fort this year, Kirby mused aloud. He began to pace again.

“We’d be nuts,” said Marvin matter-of-factly. “Everyone builds forts.”

“What if instead we built a hotel”. Kirby tore the Golden W brochure off his bulletin board and held it over his head. “A hotel made out of snow!”

“O…K…?” Marvin said slowly, clearly confused.

“Think about it! Forts are meant to be battle zones. They get everyone worked up and defensive and stuff. That leads to snow wars and fort bans — just like last year,” Kirby explained. “But a hotel is different. A hotel is relaxing. People will come to our place to unwind, to rest — not to fight.”

“What happens if The Bear and his buddies wanna wreck it? Do we just say ‘Stop. You can’t. It’s a hotel, not a fort.’”

“But that won’t happen in the first place,” Kirby said. “Not if we do it right. A hotel will change the whole feeling of recess. It will change everything!”

Karin Says…

“As a kid, when we grouped off at recess to build snow forts, the school yard became a world complete with politics, a social structure ― even economics. I wanted to capture that world with all its dreams and schemes, rivalries and alliances.”


Paperback, Hardcover and eBook!

You can now get Frostbite Hotel for Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple Books or tablet! Download Frostbite Hotel in an instant and be transported into the fun and adventurous world of Kirby Katz and gang. Or, grab a print copy from your favorite local bookshop!


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Reviews of Frostbite Hotel

“Kirby’s entrepreneurial aspirations make Frostbite Hotel both original and humorous . . . Its format and the clear layout will attract young readers as will the readable style and regular series of mishaps . . . Libraries will find Frostbite Hotel a different addition for their collections, and inventive young readers will enjoy the book and may even be inspired to try its precepts in their own business ventures!”

– Aileen Wortley, CM Magazine

“This was such a refreshing story . . . [It kept me interested through the entire novel. The book was a pleasant surprise . . . Frostbite Hotel is the perfect story for readers in third, fourth, and fifth grade. I’m excited to introduce this book to my students in fourth grade. It can be read by individual students and/or would make a wonderful read aloud in classroom in these grade levels.”

– Patrick Andrus, Educator, NetGalley Reviewer

“Loved this Canadian tale of entrepreneurship, friendship and family. Many opportunities for reader discussions identifying and comparing adult solutions with kid interpretations. This will be a sure fire recommendation for young tycoons looking for a business plan that is combined with anti-bullying conversation.”

– Karen Corso, Retired Librarian/Current Consultant

“This book is a delightful way to introduce basic business concepts without resorting to the traditional ‘kids running a lemonade stand’. The best part of the story, however, is Kirby’s solution to dealing with the playground bully. Kirby and his friends come across as believable kids trying to deal with playground politics.”

– Kimberly Barber, Librarian, NetGalley Reviewer

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