A Great Afternoon with the Henderson Book Club!

I had the WONDERFUL opportunity this past September to hang out with the Henderson Book Club  — who read Frostbite Hotel! Thank you so much for reading the book, and for sharing your insights about the story and the characters with me. I don’t always get to hear first hand from readers, so it was extra special to do that with you!

This is such a great group of readers – I loved hearing about the other books you’ve looked at together, and the stacks of books that you must each have have piled up on your nightstands.

Not only did we chat, we also did some super fun activities related to Frostbite Hotel, including sketching our favourite characters (or the character we could ‘see best’ in our minds), and – my favourite  – a friendly Frostbite Hotel trivia ‘snowball fight’ where we launched paper snowballs containing book-related questions at each other. (Your book club is leader is very creative, as well as fun and kind — you’re lucky to have her!)

I didn’t belong to a book club like this in my tweens, but I sure would have enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me be an honorary member for an afternoon…

Enjoy your next book, and thanks again for having me as a guest!

Karin Adams 🙂