“No TV? No Fair!” – It’s Here!

No-TV-No-Fair-Small-ImageIt’s finally here! My second book No TV? No Fair! has arrived and I’m so excited. You might think that since this is my second book, that somehow I might not be as giddy as when my first book came out  – NO WAY! This whole dream that I’m living – getting to write stories I love for young people (the best-ever audience) – just keeps getting better and better! Receiving my copies of the book was like waking up on your birthday – awesome!

In No TV? No Fair! ten-year-old Chloe Lambert’s parents decide that the family is going offline for one whole month: no TV, no computers, no video games. At first, Chloe and her teenage brother Mark are stunned, flabbergasted, and angry – NO FAIR! How are they going to survive!?!?!? Soon, Chloe discovers that she actually likes to do other things, like art, and listening to stories about the olden days told by her friendly neighbour, Mr. Z.  But what will happen when Chloe takes the rule too far and tries to ban all machines forever?

Find out by reading No TV? No Fair! today! Click here for more information about No TV? No Fair!

(Psst…Have you ever tried going without TV, computer, or your vids? Was it your choice, or did somebody else decide? What was it like? What did you do instead?)