Fun and Fantasy at the Fort Garry Library

It was a sleety, snowy, end-of-March Winnipeg evening. The bleak weather made it even more wonderful to see such a large turn out for a Spring Break creative writing workshop at the Fort Garry Library! You all brightened my day, that’s for sure, and I hope that you had fun, too!

I am always impressed with the depth and quality of writing produced by young writers. This group in particular had a sophisticated knowledge of advanced writing techniques – I learned a lot from you! I was also struck by the poetic nature of the descriptive phrases that you wrote.

Among this group were many fantasy fiction lovers. Descriptive language is so important in fantasy, isn’t it? These stories are all about transporting us to another place and time – or another realm altogether! This group certainly reflected excellent instincts for description, like the language used in the your favourite stories!

Thanks again for a great workshop, and keep on reading and writing!

Karin 🙂