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Mermaid Warrior Squad

Mermaid Warrior Squad

Sometimes Real Life Is Just As Exciting As Comic-Book Adventures!

Mermaid Warrior Squad is Karin Adams’ fifth book for young readers. With her usual humour and knack for getting to the heart of real-world, real-kid friendships, this summer arts camp-themed story unfolds in short, snappy chapters along with an exciting ‘comic book’ subplot!

As shy Dylan navigates the choppy waters of intense camp friendships, her vivid imagination creates a parallel story played out in comic book panels (gorgeously illustrated by Canadian artist Janine Carrington). Can Dylan harness the strength of her comic book alter ego –  the mermaid warrior ‘Driftwood’ –  in order to foil a plot to prank the art showcase, and stick up for her camp bestie?

James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers
Series: Lorimer Illustrated Humor
Copyright: August 15, 2017
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-4594-1146-3
ISBN (epub): 978-1-4594-1151-7
Page Count: 152
Interest ages: 8-12
Reading level: Grade 3
Lexile Reading Level: 620L

An Excerpt from Mermaid Warrior Squad


I stared at the wide green lawn in front of the arts college. It was crawling with kids my age, but I didn’t know anyone. Everyone was paired up or gathered in groups, like they were best friends. My palms were sweating. Worse, I felt like my yellow, art camp T-shirt made me stand out. As far as I could see, no one else was wearing one. I had gotten a free shirt in the mail when I registered, and I thought we were all supposed to wear it, at least on the first day. What else did I not know about day camp?

I decided to look busy. That way, everyone might not stare so much. I headed back to the welcome table. My smiley group leader, Kelsey, was still there handing out nametags. Mine was fish-shaped and my name, Dylan, was printed on it in bubbly letters. When I got there, I pretended to be interested in the colourful sign stuck to the front of the table. It said, “Welcome to Art Camp: Art Under the Sea!” I looked at the rippling tentacles of a smiling cartoon squid. In case anyone was watching, I pressed my lips together and nodded, like I was in a museum looking at a piece of art.

As I leaned closer to the sign, a voice beside me made me jump. “Your necklace is AWESOME!”

Beside me was a girl who looked around eleven, just like me. Stuck to her chest was a nametag that said Coral. Her hair was big and curly, and her round face was split by a huge grin. She made me think of a friendly Halloween pumpkin. But best of all — Coral was wearing her bright yellow camp T-shirt, too!

Media Reviews of Mermaid Warrior Squad

“Readers will identify with Dylan’s difficulties in navigating social situations … The combination of graphic novel and chapter book, as well as the short chapters and appealing narrative make Mermaid Warrior Squad an excellent choice for reluctant readers.”

– Christine McCrea, Librarian, CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“Though the plot is somewhat predictable, the characters are well developed and will appeal to readers who may see themselves (or a friend) in Dylan and Coral. The struggles Dylan faces with bullies, identity and shyness are age appropriate and well written.”

– Ana Malespin, Resource Links

Karin Adams Author

Karin Adams is a children’s author and creative writing instructor. Her books include Lights! Curtains! Cows!, No TV? No Fair!, My Best Friend is a Viral Dancing Zombie, and Mermaid Warrior Squad. Her 2014 middle grade novel Frostbite Hotel was shortlisted for the Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award and SYRCA’s Diamond Willow Award.