The Spectacular Room 15

It is always special going into a class that has read one of my books. It’s neat hearing what students want to know about the story, what their favourite parts were, which characters they liked (or ARE the most like! 🙂 ) So, visiting with the grade 5’s of Room 15 at Constable Finney was special – and then, there was more!

First, we had a wonderful talk and some great laughs about No TV? No Fair! and about writing books. Everyone had great questions for me – and even some “stumpers”! When I was asked “Besides writing, what are your other dreams?” or “What was the first book you ever read by yourself?” I really had to think. Hmmmmmm….I’m still thinking! (Although I think my first book may have been “Harry and the Terrible Whatzit” by Dick Gackenbach. Then again, I can picture about three other possibilities as I type. See – “stumpers!”).

Then, these exceptionally creative students showed me some of the projects they’ve been working on related to “No TV?” – there was a wall displaying graphs where students kept track of how much “screen time” they has one week, then they tried to reduce it the next week. I must say looking at those colourful charts that everyone did very well – I wonder how I would do? I should try it!

There was also a gorgeous art gallery of “mood” paintings, where students blended colours to express different moods, just as Chloe does. I saw another gallery of beautiful origami art, and a bound book of a whole range of moods. There was also a stunning drawing of Chloe surrounded by some of her best catchphrases – like, “TV is my life!”. I saw so many great things, I sure hope I’m not forgetting to mention anything!

We celebrated our visit with a mouth-watering snack of fresh pineapple, and I was given a lovely card signed by the class and a potted gerbera daisy for my desk (I’m looking at it right now!)

Thank you to the fantastic students of Room 15 and your wonderful teacher for a great and memorable visit – till we meet again…

Karin 🙂