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Chapter 7 – Enter “Constant Snoring”

The Lights! Curtains! Cows! Study Guide – by Karin Adams
  • When Greg, Mike and Becky enter the school gym for auditions for The Legend of Cow Valley, something doesn’t feel right. What are the clues?
  • What three words can you think of to describe Constance Noring? How many more can you think of?
  • Draw a picture of Constance Noring.
  • Greg is nervous when it comes to answering the questions on Constance Noring’s questionnaire. Write down two questions that Greg sees on the page. What are his answers?
  • Creative Writing Exercise – Imagine that you are about to take an important test. How do you feel? Are you nervous? Excited? Are your palms sweaty? Do you wish it was over? Write a page about the moment before the big test.

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