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Chapter 4 – Counting Pennies

The Lights! Curtains! Cows! Study Guide – by Karin Adams
  • In this chapter, we learn a lot about Becky’s character from the things she does and says. Brainstorm five words that describe Becky Kowalski. Which of these do you think are good things about Becky’s character?
  • If you were trying to convince your friends to help you do something, would you act just like Becky? If not, what would you do that would be different?
  • Becky Kowalski is a leader, but she can sometimes be a bit bossy. Give an example of Becky being bossy.
  • Everyone at school signed Becky’s petition to save The Legend of Cow Valley. Who was the one person who didn’t sign? Why do you think that person didn’t sign their name?
  • Creative Writing Exercise – Becky and her friends managed to raise seven dollars and forty-six cents to help save The Legend of Cow Valley. If you found seven dollars and forty six cents, but you had to spend it helping someone or something, what would you do? Write a paragraph about what you would do.

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