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Chapter 2 – Spilling the Beans

The Lights! Curtains! Cows!  Study Guide – by Karin Adams
  • Which characters in the story volunteered to be the clean up crew at last year’s staging of The Legend of Cow Valley?
  • In this chapter, Becky is surprised by the news that Greg tells her. Can you think of 4 different ways that people act surprised? Divide a paper into four squares. Draw a face in each square, each showing a different way a face can show surprise.
  • Becky’s long-time daydream is to be the star of The Legend of Cow Valley. Do you have a daydream? Maybe you want to play on a professional hockey team, or make an amazing scientific discovery. Describe your daydream in a paragraph.
  • Creative Writing Exercise –  This chapter is called “Spilling the Beans”. Write a paragraph explaining what this expression means. Is there ever a good time to spill the beans? Give an example.

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