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Chapter 14 – Curtain Call

The Lights! Curtains! Cows! Study Guide – by Karin Adams
  • While the kids get ready to perform The Legend of Cow Valley, Becky notices that someone is missing. Who is it?
  • When Snoring shows up, what does she say? How does that make the kids feel? Give an example that shows what the kids think of the news.
  • Becky insists that they should go on with the show. How does she convince the other kids to go along with her idea?
  • On page Leonard says, “Do you think the Minister can charge us with treason?”. What does the word “treason” mean?
  • Creative Writing Exercise – Becky cares a lot about The Legend of Cow Valley, and her town. What do you love about your town or city? Pretend that you are writing a letter to someone who is thinking about visiting your town or city. Be sure to describe three great reasons to come and visit!

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