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Chapter 12 – An Unexpected Ally

The Lights! Curtains! Cows! Study Guide – by Karin Adams
  • What is an ally? Give an example.
  • The grade sevens sometimes have secret practices for The Legend of Cow Valley in small groups. Who were the other kids in Greg’s small group?
  • Who is the “ally” in this chapter? Why is it unexpected that this person would be an ally to Greg and Becky?
  • Why is Fiona upset?
  • Fiona gives us clues about why she has been acting bossy all summer. Can you find one or two clues that explain her behaviour?
  • Do you think Fiona will agree to go along with Becky’s plan? Why or why not? (Give two reasons.)
  • Is St. Antoine a real place in Manitoba, or is it a made-up place for the stor? Check a map or look on the Internet to find out!
  • Creative Writing Exercise – Do you have an ally? Who is it? What would they do if you were ever in trouble? Give an example, real or imaginary.

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