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Artists in the Schools

Karin Adams

I love to write, but I also have a passion for inspiring young people to embrace the writing process. In 2012, I became involved with the Manitoba Arts Council’s fantastic “Artists in the Schools” program. Since then, I have worked with over 2000+ students in Manitoba schools on a variety of creative writing projects. Through short term or long term school residencies, we explore topics such as ‘brainsparking’ ideas, character building, bringing a story world to life, story boards and plot planning, first drafts, and revisions.

I would love to bring an Artist Residency to your school! The deadline to apply each year is May 15. Please be in touch with me early to arrange dates and develop an application (the application process is simple, but bookings do fill up quickly!). You can contact me through my CONTACT PAGE or with the information listed in the AIS Directory.

Residencies can be anywhere from one week to several weeks in length. Together we can discuss dates, the number of groups who will participate, and how my writing process can complement the writing going on in your ELA program. If you are a Manitoba teacher for Grades 3-8, please be in touch!

For more information about Artists in the Schools (costs involved, application forms, program information) please visit the Manitoba Arts Council’s website.

You can read more about the residencies I’ve already participated in and the wonderful students and teachers I’ve worked with on my blog.

Here are some comments from teachers and students about working with Karin Adams:

“Karin showed me that writing can be like a sport…it is something that you can practice and enjoy.”
Grade 5 Student

“I would not change a thing about the time we had with Karin, only that I wish we had more time.”
Grade 3/4 Teacher

“At the beginning, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about writing a short story, but I really enjoyed it!”
Grade 6 student

“Karin’s personality and professionalism were top-notch! She was very organized and knowledgeable. She instantly connected with all students and was firm and fair in managing the group.”
Grade 3 Teacher

“I liked how she helped us develop characters and make them more realistic.”
Grade 3/4 Student

“She is an excellent teacher and an excellent writer. She inspired both students and the staff.”
– Grade 6 Teacher

“From what you taught me I have learned to write a proper story. I want to start a short story myself.”
Grade 6 Student

“Thank you Ms. Karin Adams for teaching me about story writing. I especially loved doing the (character) web.”
Grade 6 student

“Karin had great activities to teach and reinforce the concepts that we covered in the writing process. Karin came back to see the finished products. Students were so proud!”
Grade 4-6 Teachers