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Chapter 1 – Curtains for Cow Valley?

The Lights! Curtains! Cows! Study Guide – by Karin Adams
  • What does the title of the chapter mean? Why does this sentence have a question mark?
  • How does Greg feel when he learns that The Legend of Cow Valley is going to be cancelled? Use at least three descriptive words in your sentence to explain Greg’s feelings.
  • Why is Ellis, Manitoba nicknamed “Cow Valley”? Is Ellis a real place, or was it made up for this story? (Take a look on a map, or on the Internet!)
  • Why is The Legend of Cow Valley so important to Greg and Mike? In your answer, write down at least two different reasons.
  • Why is Greg so worried about telling his best friend Becky Kowalski the news about The Legend of Cow Valley?
  • So far, do you think that you are most like Greg, Mike or Becky? How does Greg, Becky or Mike remind you or yourself?
  • Creative Writing Exercise – Has there ever been a time in your life something you were looking forward to was canceled. Was it a birthday party? A visit with your friend? A sports event? Write a page about this time, and how it made you feel.

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