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What’s all the buzz about? You can find out here! Check out these cool reviews and accolades for books by Karin Adams, author …

“Frostbite Hotel” by Karin Adams

Review from Ionia Martin on – November 12, 2014

“I thought this was undoubtedly one of the most original children’s stories I have seen in long time. Forget the standard lemonade stands and lawn mowing, the main character in this book is much more advanced in the world of business than that.

The characters are cute and the story flows well and keeps you giggling at the mishaps along the way. I think kids and parents alike will enjoy this story. Children will no doubt relate to the struggles of the main character to find his place within the schoolyard, and parents can feel good about their kids learning something from this book as well as being entertained…Recommended for teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone who wants to have a good time reading with the little ones in their lives.”

Review from Second Bookshelf on the Right – October 27, 2014

“If ever there was a book that’s perfect for budding entrepreneurs, it’s this one . . . I thought this was a pretty clever book. What better way to teach kids about the principles of (hotel) business than by inserting them into a novel? I liked that the lessons were incorporated in such a way that it doesn’t feel like a lesson book and feels more like a natural progression of the story . . . As for the ending, I liked that it championed cooperation, not only in business but also in life.” (Marianne Reyes, Reviewer at Second Bookshelf on the Right 2014-10-27)

Review from Bill Baker – Published on – October 10, 2014

“Kirby learns a lot about what really works to make a success in this really cool fast and super imaginative read!”

“No TV? No Fair!” by Karin Adams

CM Magazine – November 19, 2010
“Chloe is a likable character, and her good humour, mood swings, and enthusiasms are presented in a realistic and sympathetic way. The dynamics of the family ring true, and complications appear reliably throughout to move the story forward…As a teaching aid for debating the role of technology in our lives, No TV? No Fair! is a useful book for young children.”

Resource Links – December 1, 2010
“There are some funny moments in this story—mom gets caught watching TV by the kids and has to the do the chicken dance. Adams describes this scene perfectly, capturing Mom’s embarassment and good humour. I was laughing by the end as well…A fun and thought-provoking addition to the library.”

“Lights! Curtains! Cows!” by Karin Adams

From “Booklist” (review by Miriam Aronin)
“In Adams’ debut novel for children, a group of seventh-graders works together to save a beloved local tradition. Greg, Mike, Becky, and their friends are just old enough to act in their Canadian town’s signature summer show, “The Legend of Cow Valley.” Unfortunately, a pompous government official is trying to replace the show with a dry historical production. The young actors take charge and try to bring back the original play. The characters are older for a middle-grade story, but the plot is simple, and the kids deal with challenges in basic, straightforward ways. In the end, it takes enthusiasm, teamwork, and perseverance to carry the day, as well as the fact that no one can resist a play that culminates with a herd of cattle stampeding across the stage. The often silly humor of this Streetlights book may prove equally irresistible to readers. Grades 4-6.”

CM Magazine – January 15, 2010
“The theme of connecting to the past and experiencing it as vibrant and alive is emphasized throughout, in an upbeat way, not at all pedantic. This lively story of a small town tradition is a warm, fun and engaging read. Recommended.”

Resource Links – December 1, 2009
“Young readers will connect to these friends who together work to maintain a beloved tradition.”

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