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No TV? No Fair! in the Classroom

No TV? No Fair! is my second book for James Lorimer & Company’s terrific Streetlights series. (Find it at your favourite local bookstore or order through online booksellers.)

Find our more about my book here!

Here’s what the story is about:

Zap! The Lamberts are going unplugged for a whole month. Things start out bad enough for 10 year-old Chloe and her older brother Mark, but soon get downright nasty when Mom tries leaving her Blackberry at work. As Chloe counts down the days, she begins to get involved in activities she didn’t even know she liked, and her attitude about machines starts to change. Maybe the rule isn’t so bad. In fact, it just might be what everyone should do! But when Chloe takes the rule too far, what will she lose? Family? Friends? A beloved neighbour?

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Stay tuned for more news about No TV? No Fair!

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